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Wilderness Horseback

Imagine yourself and family or friends riding along a wilderness trail enjoying the most spectacular scenery you have ever seen, when all of a sudden someone says "hey guys, look at the Elk!" We also encounter Moose, Mountain Goat, Big Horn Sheep, Deer and yes an occasional Bear!
All the wildflowers, the crystal clear waters, the horses and those big beautiful mountains just can't be described without being there. If you're a photography buff the subjects are endless!

As our strong mountain horses and mules take you further into the wilderness, up over mountain passes, across clear mountain streams from one campsite to the next, through endless picturesque beauty it suddenly hits you....There is no way to capture it all on film or in words. You just soak it all in and appreciate this truly one of a kind adventure.

Coined "the crown jewel", the Bob Marshall Wilderness complex offers undeniably no end to the sightseeing. Flyfishing is popular on all excursions and the water is every changing and remarkable.

Please plan to join us on one of our Safaris into this endless wilderness and enjoy such places as the Sun River, Chinese Wall, Dearborn River, The Continental Divide, Prairie Reef, Badger Creek, Headquarters Pass and tons of other highlights and mountain peaks.