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Wow, picture this! There you are on a high mountain ridge with the Elk bugling in the dark canyon below. You are 20 miles from the nearest road. Your guide has just bugled and a bull has answered. With a big grin on your face you can tell your elk is getting closer. Check the rifle on your shoulder, make sure itís loaded and your guide sets you up for the next round of calling back and forth as you anticipate the bull of your dreams to step out at any moment.

For an Elk hunter does it get any better than this? Now, thatís what Iím talking about. It was just a couple of days ago that you packed in on horseback to a remote comfortable wilderness tent camp. The food has been fantastic, the camaraderie great with the other hunters, sharing hunting stories. The air smells fresh and wonderful and the mountains are spectacular. Just this morning on the ride out from camp we got the chance to see some large grizzly tracks. This is truly Godís Country. All of a sudden you here a twig SNAP. Is he close?.........

Deep in the heart of the Bob Marshall Wilderness area our hunting camps provide choice opportunities to hunt Elk, Muley Bucks, Black Bear and Mountain Lions. Thereís nothing more exciting than hunting big game on their turf. We pack in on horses and mules with Professional guides, wranglers and camp cooks providing a quality big game hunt for our clients. We get up early and hunt hard, but we have good time. Our wall tent camps are comfortable and everything you would expect to take pleasure in our great home cooked meals and a comfortable night sleep. Limiting the amount of hunters to an elite few our all-inclusive hunts offer 1 guide for every 2 hunters and provide tremendous success. 1 on 1 hunts are available upon request.

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